Curaleaf Removes Thousands Of Products In New York.

According to, Curaleaf, one of New York’s medical marijuana operators has pulled tens-of thousands units from dispensary shelves after switching to an unauthorized way of labeling potency that led patients to believe they were purchasing much stronger product than what actually matched up with its specifications. While all products in NY display “wet” weight measurements (with exception being edibles), Curaleaf used dry base criteria for displaying a higher a THC percentage.  This likely made customers more eager to buy these items.

Curaleaf spokeseperson Stephanie Cunha told the site that dry weight measurements “are for informational purposes only and cannot be applied to approved product labeling until such time an approved method is available.”

“Our team has been working with the OCM to allow our third party labs to start adding the dry weight THC content to our COA’s to mitigate these label concerns going forward,” Cunha said.

“Curaleaf holds our products to high standards, and we are deeply sorry to our patient community for any confusion this change in methodology has caused,” she wrote.