There is lots of information on Brooklyn dispensaries out there. But, which dispensaries offer Brooklyn cannabis delivery? Check out our favorites below:

Cannabist Dispensary

  • Premium flower for the cannabis connoisseur
  • Different tiers of flower with Tier 1 being juicy, thick buds
  • Lots of variety for flower
  • Some of the best edibles around across gummies, chews, and chocolates


  • Recently launched whole flower
  • New patients get 25% off their first order
  • 4 Different main brands offered
  • Everyday discounts for seniors, veterans, first-responders, and teachers

Vireo Health

  • Technically in Queens, but offer delivery to Brooklyn
  • Try the Red Balm.  It’s the bomb
  • Many different strains with THC above 20%
  • Offers in-person consultations to determine what products are best for you